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In-Store Engagement Network


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This amazing network typically costs $5,000 up front and $99/month to operate.

However, in an effort to quickly grow the Eyechronic network and connect the entire cannabis community from inside your dispensary, for a limited time only, we are willing to waive the cost to buy the network AND all ongoing fees. 150 screens in 150 days. That means the network would be delivered, installed and run from your dispensary at no cost FOREVER. No tricks. No hidden fees. 

We are that serious about sharing this network with the community.

Your location will receive (for FREE):

  • 50 Inch HDTV, Media Player & Professional Installation!
  • 2.5% of the revenue from ads that flow through*
  • Free In-Store promotion (4 Ad Slots) on the screen to create incremental revenues
  • Store Traffic Analytics Platform and again it's free (see below)
  • Reduces perceived wait times or increases dwell to increase spend per visit

“As the owner of 2 dispensaries, I am always looking to increase sales and finding new ways to advertise. Eyechronic made this simple, as they handle all facets of the installation and made it hassle free. We placed it near the refreshment station where people would watch as they waited for their orders but it would also capture the attention of everyone else visiting the store.”

“They give you 4, 15-second ads that run on a 10-minute loop. We ran daily specials on one and weekly on another. The third we provided background information about our stores and in the fourth we tried different things like a collage of our customers - which they really liked. It made a big difference on daily sales as sometimes our budtenders would forget to mention them to everyone who they spoke to. I would say it increased our sales for daily specials around 25%.”

“The business analytics and statistics that Eyechronic provides give you a lot of insight into what your customers are purchasing, the hours they are purchasing...very useful. The fact that its a completely FREE service - How can you say no to that?”

“In this industry, we have all been taken advantage of advertisers. This is not one of those circumstances.”

Our EYECHRONIC network has an engaging content mix of leading industry news and entertainment (we have partnered with all the best in the business), text polling, text coupons, social media integration to share experiences (moderated of course), your daily special and promotions and other product advertisements.

Increase Dwell Time Per Visit

FREE to Qualifying Dispensaries

2.5% of Ad Revenues

Store Analytics Platform

Free Screen Promotion Slots

Reduce Perceived Wait Times


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In-Store Engagement Network


Don't Delay! Reserve Your Network Today!

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